Weekday vacation to say no to a burnout!

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Taking a vacation as in a busy phase at work that never seems to get over can be tricky. It never feels right to break away from your firm to reflect and relax. All you need is a break from guilt to think what the most appropriate time is to plan a vacation. Here’s what you can do.

Why beginning of the week

Beginning of the week is when most people are catching up with their projects and organizing their work for the week. Taking two days off can give you an extended weekend and coming back to work on Wednesday can enable you to stay on top of the week without missing a beat if you do some prep work on Tuesday later half. It feels energizing to get a good break when everyone seems to be working around you, under pressure and deadlines. You can also spend the weekday before you leave getting organized for when you get back from your trip.

Understand when you are needed the least

Amidst project after project, there will still be certain pockets of time when you might not be needed as much as the rest of the time. It could be a day or two. It could also be a few hours of the day. This can be your window to break away from the anxiety of work that hasn’t even come your way yet. Shut off your mobile phone and connect to anything you are passionate about outside of work. These breathers can make all the difference. Don’t burn out. Work smart.

After a project or before a project?

Whenever we have a big project coming our way, we sit daydreaming about a vacation right after the project execution. We need to accept that projects are never going to end. As we grow in a firm or our business, we will have projects and new systems, new responsibilities, too. Whatever it may be, sometimes there is no better time to break away than right before a project kick-off. Giving your brain rest before the start of a project will surprise you. See your performance levels go up a notch.

Really truly disconnect every once in a while. You will not regret it.

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