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Aastha Tandon
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Aastha Tandon

Founder/ Designated Partner at Perennial Publication LLP & Consultant at Aceaero Consultants LLP
Aastha Tandon is a Legal Consultant and Entrepreneur apart from being a poet whose literary expression is found in her book 'A Maiden Attempt'. A lawyer by day and poet at heart she loves to read and write. Her work captures human emotions and weaves a fictional world around the user.
Aastha Tandon
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At times one finds it difficult to move forward in life, it is in times like these when one needs hear their inner conscience and build the courage to move forward. This poem encourages the same.

Afraid of what lies ahead,
Clinging on to the past,
Walked an empty soul,
Searching for a guided path…

Fear of perturbed voices,
Restricted the path of will,
All the soul needed was hope,
and the courage to dream and fulfil.

“March, just march ahead,
No burden, no past can hold you back!”
Were words that brought comfort,
And all the spirit that it lacked.

“The tussle of the divided mind,
Needs clarity which is hard to find,
Just take that one step, walk into the light,
Revive your courage, for it will bring might.”

At the end, the wandering soul
Heard its will and found courage,
Darkness now seemed to fade away,
As it walked slowly but determinedly into the light!

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