The Man in a Hat (Poem)

Shashank Misra

Shashank Misra

Shashank Misra is a sustainability professional, social entrepreneur and renewable energy supporter. A natural problem solver, engineering is his way of life.
Shashank Misra

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Sitting in this secluded part

“Reserved to myself”

“Enjoying the solitude

Or a refreshing beverage”

You presume

You are misguided

People look at me, bewildered

Just a lonesome old man in a corner

Having an urge to converse with me

But decide against it, thinking

“He will soon wither away

Let him be at peace”

An audacious young man

Walks up to join me

Exchanges formal salutation

Subsequently an awkward sigh

He stares at the patchy face

Aghast, gestures farewell

A girl shrieks at the sight of me

Grasps her mother

They depart in a rush

I’m just a seasoned man

Filled with experiences,

Thoughts and agitated longings

I am not depressed

Just seek companionship

To share my tales of youth

Of bliss and sorrow

Of forfeit and triumph

Of shame and pride

Sorrow, my friend,

Is a ravenous beast

Devouring me bit by bit

Loss of brother to war

Loss of Love to a friend

And children to time

Bliss, O’ young one,

Is a rejuvenating spring

Washing away the wounds

Healing every gash with love

Emerging from the sound of wedding bells

And snigger of first born

Lastly, Shame & Pride,

Are societal plague

That steers every action of man

For better or for worse

To selfish or benevolent deed

Either ways ending in a hole

Even these memories will gradually

Go away into the abyss

Stopping the unnatural thoughts

The age, the breath

Taking me back one last time

Flashing through the past

So, I gaze upon these sketches

Reminiscing, of home

The moonlit eerie nights

Icy shrines of cacophony

A castle of sand and bones

And the Nostalgia of hope

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