Perils of a Migrant Worker

This poem discusses the emotions of a Migrant Worker who move away from their homes located in rural places to urban cities in search of work and to earn a living to support their family. It addresses a plea of  such workers to seek basic human rights and a life of dignity for themselves with
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Can’t You Hear Me?

Sometimes words are not the only way used to communicate by individuals; actions and emotions are also a means used to communicate. But, in a relationship which is unhealthy, it becomes difficult for parties to interpret these emotions. This poem intends to showcase a desperate attempt between a couple in an unhealthy  relationship.   Can’t You
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If I Could Tell You

A mother’s love is beyond compare and this poem is an ode to mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, friends and teachers who take care and love us like a mother. Happy Mother’s Day!! If I Could Tell You If I could tell you How much you mean to me You may have not left me So

Walk into the Light

At times one finds it difficult to move forward in life, it is in times like these when one needs hear their inner conscience and build the courage to move forward. This poem encourages the same. Afraid of what lies ahead, Clinging on to the past, Walked an empty soul, Searching for a guided path…

Lock & Key

  I gaze out of the window… I just see a tree. It has shed its leaves, And soon will get new ones. Is the same going to happen with me? Our life is so illusionary, Evolving into more and more problems. Until and unless we evoke the Fighter within us, We’ll just be running

Born Tagged

  Born in the limelight, the venetian raised by multiple riggings, Little did the new born know he would have to raise his standards too. In the centre of the stage with multiple characters around, He could never dip his hands into the chocolate jar, With his relatives prodding… Recording his life like a biopic,

Journey to Heaven (Poem)

  “Journey to Heaven” is a poem that was inspired from the thought of a world unknown. Death is certain, but the life after it is unknown, giving the liberty to an poet or author to explore his or her creative side. As a poet exploring human emotions in different circumstances gives me joy and

Hitched to Fall in Love (Poem)

This poem is an outcome of an observation that I have made  by witnessing couples who found love via arranged marriages. It is attempt to create a short narrative tale of a couple that retraces their journey since the day they met and how they have grown. It’s purely fictional! It attempts to capture the

Life (Poem)

  ‘Life’ is a special poem by our youngest ever poet ‘Simran Jayarao’  which depicts her maturity at such a tender age.  Life is like a road You don’t know which turn leads you where Sometimes you end up in situation of which you are not prepared. Life is like a dream Fiction all around

Fly High (Poem)

Fly High gives its readers a message of relentlessly working towards their plans, keep their heads held high and move in a set direction. There will be obstacles and there will be challenges, but the journey is more beautiful than the goal itself. One just needs to embrace it. 

The Man in a Hat (Poem)

    Sitting in this secluded part “Reserved to myself” “Enjoying the solitude Or a refreshing beverage” You presume You are misguided People look at me, bewildered Just a lonesome old man in a corner Having an urge to converse with me But decide against it, thinking “He will soon wither away Let him be