My Mother

Anoushrayan Deysarkar

Anoushrayan is as yet a child, studying in the 5th standard. Age being no barrier, through his creativity and expressive writing, he explores different topics and puts them forth in prose and poetry well beyond his years.

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A description of a mother through a child’s eye is always beautiful. This young poet articulates his mother’s caring nature and how he views her as a friend, guardian and parental figure via a few simple words.


Simple yet strong,

She likes a song,

That’s my mother.

Caring yet strict,

She has a funny twist,

That’s my mother.

Missing words now and then,

Forgetting something again,

That’s my mother.

Strict about time,

For her, losing anything is a crime,

That’s my mother.

How much ever I argue,

She’s all I have,

My mother, my mother, my mother.

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