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Simran Jayarao

Simran Jayarao

Simran Jayarao is a student of 10th grade, living in Mumbai. She is deeply passionate about writing poems and articles related to life. She loves travelling, photography, reading and is a self-declared foodie. Still finding her calling, she aspires to be a journalist or pursue hotel management. Perfection is the key mantra of her life.
Simran Jayarao

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I gaze out of the window…

I just see a tree.

It has shed its leaves,

And soon will get new ones.

Is the same going to happen with me?

Our life is so illusionary,

Evolving into more and more problems.

Until and unless we evoke the

Fighter within us,

We’ll just be running about in circles.

We laugh, we cry,

We fall, we enjoy;

Time passes and flies,

But true friends always stand by.

The mind is like water,

Racing thoughts unstoppable;

People say keep your mind calm and blank,

But is it really possible?

Sheer happiness, potential and

Success far locked away for;

Criticized and shattered

hearts and brains.

No books have the secrets to

These mysterious mazes,

There is no key to unlock the past:

It is just I who keeps hoping,

dreaming and begin every

tomorrow with a new start. 

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