Life (Poem)

Simran Jayarao

Simran Jayarao

Simran Jayarao is a student of 10th grade, living in Mumbai. She is deeply passionate about writing poems and articles related to life. She loves travelling, photography, reading and is a self-declared foodie. Still finding her calling, she aspires to be a journalist or pursue hotel management. Perfection is the key mantra of her life.
Simran Jayarao

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‘Life’ is a special poem by our youngest ever poet ‘Simran Jayarao’  which depicts her maturity at such a tender age. 

Life is like a road

You don’t know which turn leads you where

Sometimes you end up in situation

of which you are not prepared.

Life is like a dream

Fiction all around

If you don’t break through

The barriers of illusion

You’ll never wake up and get out.

Life is like a book

Many pages are still unturned.

You don’t know what destiny

Has saved for you

Until that moment

Comes and you experience it on your own.

Life is you yourself

there is no exact meaning for it

You are the artist and the

Canvas is your life.

Life will just turn out to be

How beautifully you will paint it.

2 Comments to “ Life (Poem)”

  1. Pratik Jayarao says :

    Amazing work. Keep it up.

  2. sangeethasriraam says :

    Life is how you paint it 🙂 what a nice thought.. The perfect motivation for anyone wanting who is picking up the brush of life for the first time or start afresh.. 🙂 great going Simran! 🙂

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