Let Go! (Poem)

Simran Jayarao

Simran Jayarao

Simran Jayarao is a student of 10th grade, living in Mumbai. She is deeply passionate about writing poems and articles related to life. She loves travelling, photography, reading and is a self-declared foodie. Still finding her calling, she aspires to be a journalist or pursue hotel management. Perfection is the key mantra of her life.
Simran Jayarao

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Holding onto anything too tightly is never a good thing, so why do we harbour the ill others bestow? The young poet beautifully expresses this through her heart touching poem.

There is anguish and anger in my eyes;

Tears roll down my cheek.

I spread my wings to soar high,

But soon my wings are cut down by a glass piece.

All my frustration and pain

Buried deep down inside my lil’ heart and brain.

I’m in a room filled with light and brightness

But it seems I just cannot get out of this darkness.

Comments and criticism in this big world;

Is never going to end;

It is I who take them in a positive way

And just make them my strength.

Come to me problems, come to me challenges;

I’m a weakling. I won’t let it show.

Cause I have learnt how to battle you

And just let it all go.

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