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Roshni is a creative writer who enjoys reading between the lines and writing about it. Her works are a reflection of her thought that 'Human Behavior is most absurd, yet interesting.'
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As children, creativity abounds within all. That’s marred by so many factors as we blossom into adults. Unleashing our fears and just getting down to picking up our passions where we left off is not oft deemed easy, and so while this piece speaks of writing, one may consider it applicable to all those other things we loved to do too.

We love to write. It’s that simple. Or maybe not! House chores, work responsibilities or even writer’s block, these are often blamed for not being able to get down to writing as often as we would like to.

It mostly comes down to time. The first step is to make peace with the fact that we may not always get the time to write. Also, don’t procrastinate. Just don’t! You know where that leads to.

Here are a few take-homes but no secret ingredients that you haven’t heard of before. This may be from what you have heard over the years, but in a nutshell.

Don’t find time. Make time. Start with ten minutes a day and if you get into that routine, you may surprise yourself. Once you have convinced yourself that all you get is that small time window, your brain may eventually start coming up with a lot of thoughts to be penned down. Wake up ten minutes early or sleep that late. Maybe even make use of break time at work.

Let’s begin to use those thoughts wisely. We all think, sometimes a tad too much—while washing dishes, walking the dog, in a meeting even. While doing all of these useful tasks, we are taking mental notes of a lot of other unrelated things. Make use of them. They can be your saviour. Keep jotting them down and see at the end of the day how you can join the dots. Experiment.

Having said that, stop waiting for a perfect place to start from. Yes, we may have a favourite corner in the house or out on the porch, but if you can’t make it there, say if you are travelling, don’t let those spaces become a mental block. Explore different spots and experience a free flow of thoughts.

We are all looking for inspiration and may sometimes find solace in reading columns on making time to write. Stop! Read about other beautiful things. To make time, just sit down and get to it.

Set yourself a goal once you get into a writing routine. Remember to be realistic. Come out of your shell. Write your way out of it. The aim could be words, stories, number of dialogues. It’s up to you.

Have you been planning to give up a certain habit that takes up a lot of your time, be it television or anything else you feel isn’t turning out to be very productive. Here’s your chance to finally accomplish that. What if you cut down 15 minutes of the habit every day and dedicate that to writing? Try and see how it goes. It could lead to 30 minutes or more.

Stop editing and re-editing! We can never edit enough. Several rounds of edits may take away the essence of the draft. Finish and then edit.

Carpe diem!

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