Journey to Heaven (Poem)

Aastha Tandon
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Aastha Tandon

Founder/ Designated Partner at Perennial Publication LLP & Consultant at Aceaero Consultants LLP
Aastha Tandon is a Legal Consultant and Entrepreneur apart from being a poet whose literary expression is found in her book 'A Maiden Attempt'. A lawyer by day and poet at heart she loves to read and write. Her work captures human emotions and weaves a fictional world around the user.
Aastha Tandon
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“Journey to Heaven” is a poem that was inspired from the thought of a world unknown. Death is certain, but the life after it is unknown, giving the liberty to an poet or author to explore his or her creative side. As a poet exploring human emotions in different circumstances gives me joy and perspective. Death has been entailed with loss, grief and sadness, however via this poem, I have tried to emote the expression of belonging to a place of joy, dream and happiness.

As I tiptoe on the edge of the world,

I am greeted by a wide smiling girl,

extending her palm towards me,

urging me to trust and follow her lead.

Mesmerized by the scenic beauty,

I walk awestruck, imbibing the serenity.

A sudden pain strikes my heart,

Voices of grief capture my thoughts.

I turn back only to see,

my pale human form smiling at me.

I see a crowd of my dear ones,

sobbing around me,

mourning the end of my life.

Re-facing reality brings a tear to my eyes,

a soft, warm hand wipes my sore eyes,

“They will be happy and remember you…

It’s time for you to move on ‘cause I need you”

The young girl’s words melted my pain,

her grip on my hand forming an unbreakable chain.

We walked into a house deep in the mountains,

surrounded by a forest and a river flowing down,

only to hear my mother call out,

“Son! Welcome home, it’s been so long!”

Astonished at my image,

I stared at the mirror,

looking like a fifteen year old,

thinking it to be an error!

A note kept down, addressed to me,

read “Welcome my child into the world of dreams

Hope you are happy to be reunited,

with those whom you had lost

Don’t hesitate to question me with your worries,

I am your friend, God”

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