How DIY (Do It Yourself) is Taking Over- Work demands Creativity

Sofiya Shahiwala

Sofiya Shahiwala

Writing Intern at Perennial Publications LLP
Sofiya Shahiwala is a young undergraduate in English who excels at multiple levels. At such a tender age she is also a tutor of english language as well as a published writer. One of our youngest interns, she has made her mark with her writing skills and work ethics.
Sofiya Shahiwala
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Do it Yourself is becoming a rage now a days, Youtube has thousands of videos containing Do it Yourself or DIY tutorials with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. So what are the reasons for this sudden spurt in doing it yourself? Sofiya Shahiwala examines this latest rage in her short article.

There was a time when people had to go buy what they needed from the stores. Now, in 2018, I see people watching DIY videos and videos on “How To’s” and actually making stuff from scratch. DIY or ‘Do it Yourself’ has become such a rage! Is this because the prices are too high or because they simply enjoy it?

Trust me, DIYs can be very tricky and sometimes expensive too. You can get slime for less than 99 cents while the materials needed to prepare it at home costs more. Also, mimicking what’s told in ‘How To Do’ videos have no guarantee that you’ll love the results. A lot of DIY videos are scam or click baits.

Sometimes Doing It Yourself does reduce the expenses but all the DIYers are not driven by the concept of saving money. Saving money does play a role, but most of them do it for fun or just because they enjoy the process.

If you’re renovating your house or re-arranging your closet or cleaning up your desk, what’s the first thing you do? I always look for articles and videos on ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ or ‘Lifestyle Hacks’. From fixing a leakage to packing a luggage, looking at a video and mimicking it with some of your own creativity is something flat out enjoyable; And if you enjoy something, the bucks spent on it must be overlooked at.

A question arises, why pay Rs.100 for a project which you can buy for Rs. 50?

That’s because more than Doing it Yourself, you want to Make it Yours. People enjoy unique artistic pieces which they can own of.

Also, this work demands creativity and intellect. You know what you’re adding while making it happen. You can make it eco-friendly and know it. Most of the DIYers are green conscious. They look for products that are sustainable, ethical and also beneficial. Importantly enough, There’s no more worrying about kids swallowing store bought slime if you made it edible.

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