Hitched to Fall in Love (Poem)

Aastha Tandon
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Aastha Tandon

Founder/ Designated Partner at Perennial Publication LLP & Consultant at Aceaero Consultants LLP
Aastha Tandon is a Legal Consultant and Entrepreneur apart from being a poet whose literary expression is found in her book 'A Maiden Attempt'. A lawyer by day and poet at heart she loves to read and write. Her work captures human emotions and weaves a fictional world around the user.
Aastha Tandon
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This poem is an outcome of an observation that I have made  by witnessing couples who found love via arranged marriages. It is attempt to create a short narrative tale of a couple that retraces their journey since the day they met and how they have grown. It’s purely fictional! It attempts to capture the new-generation arranged-to-fall-in-love tale. 

A cup of tea and some biscuits,

That was our first date amongst others,

Nervous eyed, wobbly feet,

We walked in a garden managing with short speech,

Education, job, like and dislikes,

Who knew what was necessary to be man and wife,

The world around was under constant scrutiny,

Checking whether we were a match for eternity,

When suddenly all the attention seemed to fade,

As our words turned from Wit to tales,

We build a friendship and grew closer night and day,

But still awkwardness prevailed,

Marriage seemed too early a step to be entailed,

Averse in our thought but the day had arrived,

One look at each other and we knew our gut was right,

We held hands and nodded without words,

Knowing that till we are together,  we will conquer this world,

More of a childish thought, but it seemed appropriate then,

Hand in hand we walked every day since then,

Hitched we were to fall in love,

But now each day we fall more in love!!

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