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Summer is here! Before you pack your bags and be off on your holiday, here are a few hacks you may find handy.

Make your travel memorable, for all the right reasons.

Yes, if you have been bitten by the travel bug, you would have already explored many cities and countries, and may also have some wonderful hacks up your sleeve! Here are 10 more to add to your list. Do share your ideas in the comments section, which could make the experience of travel a memorable one, for all the right reasons.

  • If you are traveling with family, it would be a good idea to explore homestays and even guesthouses. If with friends, a hostel may be a budget-friendly option, so you could splurge on exploring the place and not shell out bucks if the plan is to come back to the accommodation only to hit the sack.
  • Before you leave, scan your passport, identification proofs and itinerary, then mail it to your inbox or save on your drive online, so you have them handy while on the go.
  • Roll! Roll! Roll your clothes, especially the linen and synthetic blends. Save space! Rolling socks and scarves into ceramics and other breakage-prone materials fortifies them to bear the travel woes.
  • Mark your baggage as fragile if it is your favorite suitcase or if there’s even a slight possibility of wear and tear, or breakage of the things packed in that. Also, this will ensure your bag will be one of those kept on top of the others and hence will be released first.
  • Don’t forget to call your debit or credit card company before leaving for another country, so you get an idea whether your card is authorized for foreign usage and also to understand any charges and the taxation bit.
  • After a long flight, shop for basic groceries or snacks, such as wafers and also buy juice and a water bottle, if necessary. This will ensure you don’t raid the hotel mini bar to fight the hunger pangs and save money for better things.
  • As soon as you reach your room, unpack your luggage even if tired out of your mind. It may be exhausting but if you plan to venture out and about, you better do it sooner than later when the luggage may start smelling damp.
  • A foreign country may not be the best place to rebel or follow customs or a dressing sense suitable to your country. In fact, interact with the locals and you may learn new words or customs, which could stay with you for life.
  • Wherever you go, keep your ID proof handy and keep a pen, too.
  • It doesn’t hurt to ask for directions. Maps help but striking a conversation is always better.


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