Fly High (Poem)

Disha Agarwal

Disha Agarwal

Writer, Co-Author at Shades of Mirror
Disha Agarwal has pursued BBA(Hons.) from Christ University, Bangalore. She realised that she could best express herself in the form of verses deriving inner contentment from the process. She aspires to travel around the world one day and feels that chaos within always leads to something constructive.
She is a co-author of the book "Shades of Mirror" which will be published soon.
Disha Agarwal

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Fly High gives its readers a message of relentlessly working towards their plans, keep their heads held high and move in a set direction. There will be obstacles and there will be challenges, but the journey is more beautiful than the goal itself. One just needs to embrace it. 

Lost among strangers,

Apprehensive of giving away her words too fast,

With dreams layered beneath ambitions,

Emotions changing colors constantly like a chameleon.


With restlessness, refusals and restrictions,

She almost forgot how to breathe,

But with a determined mind she struck back,

Glorious! Exactly what was meant to be.  


Her journey was through highs and lows,

With destination as far as the leaf:

From the tree when the wind blows.

But she never let go of her resolute soul.


She was an epitome of beauty,

Correct blend of courage, charisma and creativity.

She shunned the reality aside,

Hence saw, true colors of life

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