Fatality of Trust

Aastha Tandon
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Aastha Tandon

Founder/ Designated Partner at Perennial Publication LLP & Consultant at Aceaero Consultants LLP
Aastha Tandon is a Legal Consultant and Entrepreneur apart from being a poet whose literary expression is found in her book 'A Maiden Attempt'. A lawyer by day and poet at heart she loves to read and write. Her work captures human emotions and weaves a fictional world around the user.
Aastha Tandon
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Explore the frailty and mortality of trust, and its delicate hold on our emotions through this thought-provoking poem.

Human emotion,

Is a world of commotion,

it searches for security,

& protects the heart with priority.

No matter the relation,

The question remains certain,

Are you worthy to hold,

  The delicate thread of ‘trust’,

or will you be sold?

Sold to the path of running away,

Or consoled with promises certain to fail!

Oh… be truthful, don’t build this bond,

Friendship, mentor, lover or teacher,

Your title does not certify trustworthiness, don’t be a con!

No one should have to walk a journey,

Where breach of trust is certain,

So spare the delicate soul,

From the inevitable fatality of trust,

While there is still time,

& no life has been wrecked!

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