Does your brand have the “cool” quotient?

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Cutting through the clutter of start-ups and brands can be hard. Targeting your audience to tap into the right market segment is vital, especially in the digital age and with the youth seeking more control over their products. This piece covers how to understand your brand’s ‘cool’ quotient and strategise around it. 


Does your brand have the “cool” quotient?

Here’s a quick on-your-fingertips guide!

Wouldn’t you as a brand manager love to have your brand on top of the charts as a hot and relevant go-to name? Of course, you do! However, with the startup bandwagon now coming up with innovative and creative ways and means to connect with the audience, it’s critical to stay relevant and keep reinventing the brand, whether it be in product or service innovation, marketing tactics or even a new product value proposition. At the end of the day, if your brand is relevant, flexible, open to social listening and is of course, inspirational, then you’ve got this! Remember, one of the biggest goof-ups you can make as a brand manager is to say, “We could never achieve that!” or “That would never work for us!” Giving up before you start is never cool!

Some facts about cool

  • Coolness is socially constructed.
  • Coolness is subjective and transient.
  • Coolness is desirable for the status quo it comes with.
  • Coolness express autonomy.
  • Innovation, honesty and going with the gut spells cool like nothing else.

Some quick tips to stay within the “coolness” radar

  • Start with a concrete strategy in mind. You can always be flexible down the line.
  • Know your customer—remember to create surveys to understand what they consider cool and how the perceive your brand.
  • Don’t oversell—be subtle yet different.
  • Never completely automate your social media conversations!
  • Keep your promises. Also, never spam any inbox!
  • Sell an experience—think how Harley outsells most in the industry!
  • Think beyond existing customer base and go above and beyond to surprise them and also impress potential customers.

Brand talk

A brand that personifies cool – Apple

So what makes Apple special?

  • Product innovation!
  • It started off with products that were different than the rest, in function and style.
  • Independent and rebellious—even the ads feature rebels and creative thinkers as Nelson Mandela and Mark Twain!
  • The strategy of limited supply works won

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