Did you know “over thinkers” are creative problem-solvers?

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The more you do something, the more you will get out of it. Creative thinkers continually dig deep into themselves and thus come up with more newer, better, out-of-the-box ideas on different areas of life, be it their approach to a project at work, presenting to a client, picking the best of ingredients or repairing their bike at home. If you are a deep thinker and often find yourself dreaming away to glory at work or staring at the night sky, thinking of everything from crickets to atoms to the meaning of life, trust your creative instincts. You hold more potential than you think!

A recent study has shown that overthinking worriers may actually have an incredibly developed and creative mind to thank for their worrying ways.

If we think of it, most technological breakthroughs became possible because we were worried of starving, being conquered by another tribe, making the higher power angry. Worrying about these things served as a worst case scenario safety mechanism, which propelled men to envision and prepare for the worst by being incredibly creative. High scorers on neuroticism have a highly active imagination, which acts as a built-in threat generator. We preserved as cavemen and marched into this era proud.

It’s interesting how most cheerful people we know are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to problem-solving. They don’t often tap into the part of their minds that controls both possible negative outcomes and potential solutions. On the other hand, over thinkers despite trying not to worry are dominated by their compulsion to prepare for the worst. It seems you can’t have genius without a degree of worry or anxiety.

This degree of anxiety makes them curious as well. You’ll see such people from your friend circle always asking questions. You’ll also notice this innate ability to visualize what their goal would look like.  The more they see their goal being a reality, the more creative they get with the process and the faster they move toward achieving it. Are you a worrier, the curious one out of the lot? Don’t worry! You know better. Just channelize your hyper mind, you creative genius.

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  1. rakshesh says :

    Somehow the “Like” button is not working for me, but I “Like” this article. As long as over-thinkers do not end up confusing themselves, their sub-conscious mind is more actively solving problems… just my thoughts.

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