A lot of books tend to change our outlook on politics, science or life as a whole. One such phenomenal book called ‘Gujarat Files’ by Rana Ayyub is a must-read for anyone who’s interested in politics and journalism. Synopsis Gujarat Files- Anatomy Of A Cover-Up, is the account of an 8-month long investigation where the
It is estimated that a quarter of the world’s youth suffer from a ‘quarter-life crisis’. Just like the ‘mid-life crisis’ the phenomenon is attributed to feeling demotivated and even depressed with what they’re doing in their 20’s. This trend is alarming, especially in the wake of so may deaths among youngsters due to depression. This
Do it Yourself is becoming a rage now a days, Youtube has thousands of videos containing Do it Yourself or DIY tutorials with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. So what are the reasons for this sudden spurt in doing it yourself? Sofiya Shahiwala examines this latest rage in her short article.
With the new academic session having already begun, or just around the corner for many students, Sofiya’s article has some general but relevant tips for those who are confused as to which institution should they choose from the gamut of choices available to them. The article has been co-authored and edited by Ashay Anand. The
“I have written this Act with all my heart and I hope it will touch many hearts.” – Prankur Chaturvedi on his directorial debut, “Aalam Dost”   “What happens when a person starts hating light? When a person starts distancing people? When even air scares him? More than what, the question is why?” These words
Further to Part-1 of this series, this second part seeks to identify the journey and progress that #Metoo has taken. This series has been written by a Perennials intern and has been edited by Perennials’ editors who also gave their support in providing inputs and guidelines. #Metoo, which started as a social media campaign, as
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As children, creativity abounds within all. That’s marred by so many factors as we blossom into adults. Unleashing our fears and just getting down to picking up our passions where we left off is not oft deemed easy, and so while this piece speaks of writing, one may consider it applicable to all those other

#Metoo. How did it begin?

Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, much has been spoken of sexual harrassment, the ordeals women face at the workplace, in domestic settings and otherwise. A three article series seeks to explore the foundations of and the reactions to the movement that has ensued. This series has been written by a Perennials intern and has
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Hack Your Trip!

Summer is here! Before you pack your bags and be off on your holiday, here are a few hacks you may find handy. Make your travel memorable, for all the right reasons. Yes, if you have been bitten by the travel bug, you would have already explored many cities and countries, and may also have some
As we go through life there is much we accumulate: good memories, bagsful of experiences, emotions and wisdom. These shape who we are and how we behave, and sometimes, some elements of us become toxic. Lets pause, reflect and shed all that holds us down! Each of us holds immense power, which we may not
A new year commenced, resolutions were made and broken. Are we better people yet? Yes, maybe. Can we be better still? Sure, why not? In our own little ways lets dive into this series in which we see piece-by-piece what we can do to be a little more tuned in to our local environment. Managing

New Approaches to Classroom Training

The past decade has been all about thinking beyond the textbook and challenging the capabilities of the students by making the classroom training more holistic, taking it outside books. The integration of technology is no longer a debatable issue in the classroom and in fact, many schools have started to leverage technology in the form
  Leelavathi N. is a young rising star in the field of Indian cycling. While people choose sports like badminton, hockey or cricket, she chose to build a sporting career in cycling. It has however not been an easy journey to reach the national level. She is from Bangalore and comes from a family that

Born Tagged

  Born in the limelight, the venetian raised by multiple riggings, Little did the new born know he would have to raise his standards too. In the centre of the stage with multiple characters around, He could never dip his hands into the chocolate jar, With his relatives prodding… Recording his life like a biopic,

Add More Love to Your Christmas!

The Christmas weekend is finally here! As we toast the long year past, to our victories, and to the health of our near and dear ones, lets also give some thought to our green-ness. As is with most things we do, our festivities can take a toll on the environment. So lets make this a
Modi’s Union Cabinet Passed the Instant Triple Talaq Bill Declaring It “Illegal and Void” A draft bill was prepared by a group of Ministers headed by Home Minister Rajnath Singh, based on the Supreme Court Shayara Bano judgment passed on the 22nd of August 2017 was passed by the Union Cabinet on Friday, 15th December

A Poet’s Mind

A short insight into what makes one of our very own Indian poets tick Perennials had an interesting chat with Prankur Chaturvedi, a keen poet , and quizzed him on a few thoughts that we were most curious about. With literary art such an integral part of our beings, we thought, as we get into
To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. – Herman Melville Tony V Francis has done just that. He has chosen a mighty theme in exploring eighteenth-century Calcutta through the eyes of a schoolboy. The plot visits the renowned but fallen San Souci Theatre, and follows the boy, also named Tony, as
Every time a festive season comes along in India, there is always the pollution aftermath to deal with. But there is much more than the obvious pollution that happens. So how do we deal with it all? While we will not delve into everything we can do this Diwali, here are a few basic things
The more you do something, the more you will get out of it. Creative thinkers continually dig deep into themselves and thus come up with more newer, better, out-of-the-box ideas on different areas of life, be it their approach to a project at work, presenting to a client, picking the best of ingredients or repairing