A new year commenced, resolutions were made and broken. Are we better people yet? Yes, maybe. Can we be better still? Sure, why not? In our own little ways lets dive into this series in which we see piece-by-piece what we can do to be a little more tuned in to our local environment. Managing

Bitcoin Using as Much Energy as Us?

There has been a steady watch over the Bitcoin, which currently is coinciding with the swinging world markets. The Bitcoin, the most easily recognised cryptocurrency, also the first to be launched in 2009, influences both financial and, albeit indirectly, environmental value. Before delving into the correlation between these, let us take a snapshot of what

Add More Love to Your Christmas!

The Christmas weekend is finally here! As we toast the long year past, to our victories, and to the health of our near and dear ones, lets also give some thought to our green-ness. As is with most things we do, our festivities can take a toll on the environment. So lets make this a

The Short-Sightedness of Our Desires

A research article written while keeping the rampant pollution in our cities and the countryside in perspective. The recent killer-smog of New Delhi and the NCR Region which is being compared to Beijing stirs the crucial question yet again; Are we willing to sacrifice our present and the future for a little comfort and luxury?
Every time a festive season comes along in India, there is always the pollution aftermath to deal with. But there is much more than the obvious pollution that happens. So how do we deal with it all? While we will not delve into everything we can do this Diwali, here are a few basic things

Antarctica! Antarctica!

Very few places on Earth today can boast of unexplored and untouched natural beauty. One of the most pristine, awe-inspiring and humbling places being Antarctica with barely a handful of uncharted recesses. However, the continent is alluring to one and all, be it scientists, legal or illegal fishermen, oil and gas conglomerates and mining corporations