Eight years on from embarking upon a journey that saw Mr. Karthik Sheshagiri switch gears from his corporate life as a software engineer to managing his family business, he shares his story of life as a businessman with Perennials. He is the CEO of Visesh Transmissions Pvt. Ltd. and Executive Director at Gears and Gear
Starting a business may come naturally to some while it may not to many others. Here are a few key insights to keep in mind. Founding a business is always tricky. Some get most things right from the word go, while others may have a fall or two before learning. That’s normal. Each business has
Increasingly, nuclear families are becoming the norm coupled with more women spreading their wings and taking up jobs, leading to a new societal structure with its own requirements. With no family members present at home, parents are progressively relying on childcare centres to look after their children whilst they go to work. Unfortunately in this