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Disha Agarwal

Disha Agarwal

Writer, Co-Author at Shades of Mirror
Disha Agarwal has pursued BBA(Hons.) from Christ University, Bangalore. She realised that she could best express herself in the form of verses deriving inner contentment from the process. She aspires to travel around the world one day and feels that chaos within always leads to something constructive.
She is a co-author of the book "Shades of Mirror" which will be published soon.
Disha Agarwal

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Born in the limelight, the venetian raised by multiple riggings,
Little did the new born know he would have to raise his standards too.

In the centre of the stage with multiple characters around,
He could never dip his hands into the chocolate jar,

With his relatives prodding…

Recording his life like a biopic,

Him the amusement for their satire.

Taking his first steps was an assurance to the parents,

His first words were a melody for the saga to come,

He struggled with the black and white gibberish written,

“Oh darling! He needs tuition!” said the mother,

“Why chess? Let him attend math classes!

Rest I’ll give him soaked almonds.  

Be decent, be kind,

Shaved and well spoken,

Respect elders and look towards a bright future.

Relatives are the best guides to get,

Follow their instructions and bear their taunts,

Nobody means harm.”

Hidden behind their beautiful faces,

A different story runs.


He thought the world is his to conquer,

Wanting to be a writer to express his emotions and prosper.

With heavy shoulders he starts typing,

Until the next day

He hears a howl,

“Did I raise my son to see this day?”


Burnt the midnight oil to get through IIT,

On the day of the exam, yogurt really helps.

With a string around his neck

And an orange tika atop his head,

“Beta, you worked really hard,

We’re sure you’ll make us proud.”

Drowning under the pressure,

In despair,

He curved his pen,



Well he was just doing his part…

Being an ideal son, to leave an impression that would last.

Not knowing what he was anymore,

Maybe a writer scribbling his realities,

Because priorities.  

With strings tied to his shoulders,

He is a puppet for the thrill of others. 

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