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The Editorial Board of "Perennials" (the e-magazine of Perennial Publication LLP) comprises a group of distinguished professionals and academicians from diverse fields and areas of interest who continually contribute their ideas through this column, engaging readers in current topics of interest.


“Right to Die with Dignity” – within the Ambit of Article 21 Right to life

In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court (SC) of India, on 9th March 2018, ruled permitting of passive euthanasia, stating the right of an individual to die with dignity. Let us take a look at whatRead More…


Leelavathi- Making a mark in Adversity

  Leelavathi N. is a young rising star in the field of Indian cycling. While people choose sports like badminton, hockey or cricket, she chose to build a sporting career in cycling. It has however notRead More…


The Launch of a Book, the Birth of a Writer and his Tale

To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. – Herman Melville Tony V Francis has done just that. He has chosen a mighty theme in exploring eighteenth-century Calcutta through the eyes of aRead More…


KIDS SPACE ACADEMY: Ms. Sucheta Madhusudan’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Increasingly, nuclear families are becoming the norm coupled with more women spreading their wings and taking up jobs, leading to a new societal structure with its own requirements. With no family members present at home, parentsRead More…