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“I have written this Act with all my heart and I hope it will touch many hearts.” – Prankur Chaturvedi on his directorial debut, “Aalam Dost”   “What happens when a person starts hating light? When a person starts distancing people? When even air scares him? More than what, the question is why?” These words
E-WAY BILL: All you need to know about this new apparatus of the GST Regime E-way Bill is a new apparatus of the GST regime, which is compulsory for inter-state and intra-state movement of goods (in most states). With the focus on digitization and curbing tax evasion during transport of goods, it was implemented in

The Syrian War

One of the most devastating calamities gripping humanity today is the on-going war in Syria. Upon researching, it came to our attention that not many know what is going on. In a bid to increase the understanding of the situation, though enough cannot be said, we are putting forward a short piece to encapsulate some
Eight years on from embarking upon a journey that saw Mr. Karthik Sheshagiri switch gears from his corporate life as a software engineer to managing his family business, he shares his story of life as a businessman with Perennials. He is the CEO of Visesh Transmissions Pvt. Ltd. and Executive Director at Gears and Gear
In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court (SC) of India, on 9th March 2018, ruled permitting of passive euthanasia, stating the right of an individual to die with dignity. Let us take a look at what has brought about this, and what it entails? The debate over euthanasia in India was heightened in 2015 by
Starting a business may come naturally to some while it may not to many others. Here are a few key insights to keep in mind. Founding a business is always tricky. Some get most things right from the word go, while others may have a fall or two before learning. That’s normal. Each business has
  Leelavathi N. is a young rising star in the field of Indian cycling. While people choose sports like badminton, hockey or cricket, she chose to build a sporting career in cycling. It has however not been an easy journey to reach the national level. She is from Bangalore and comes from a family that

A Poet’s Mind

A short insight into what makes one of our very own Indian poets tick Perennials had an interesting chat with Prankur Chaturvedi, a keen poet , and quizzed him on a few thoughts that we were most curious about. With literary art such an integral part of our beings, we thought, as we get into
To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. – Herman Melville Tony V Francis has done just that. He has chosen a mighty theme in exploring eighteenth-century Calcutta through the eyes of a schoolboy. The plot visits the renowned but fallen San Souci Theatre, and follows the boy, also named Tony, as
Increasingly, nuclear families are becoming the norm coupled with more women spreading their wings and taking up jobs, leading to a new societal structure with its own requirements. With no family members present at home, parents are progressively relying on childcare centres to look after their children whilst they go to work. Unfortunately in this