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Nupur Gill

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Nupur is an environmentalist at heart who enjoys writing & sharing knowledge with people. Having pursued BBM from Christ University & Masters in Environmental Studies from Imperial College, London she had a lucrative corporate career before co-founding 'Perennials'. She believes knowledge can transform lives and in her downtime enjoys travelling and reading.
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The Christmas weekend is finally here! As we toast the long year past, to our victories, and to the health of our near and dear ones, lets also give some thought to our green-ness.

As is with most things we do, our festivities can take a toll on the environment. So lets make this a jollier one for the planet too.

Feast of the year

Its time to dine and wine, feast and toast, sing and be merry! A good Christmas party is all we need to bond with family, unwind and celebrate! But who wants to clean and clear up the next day? Save yourself the bother, and prepare only as much food as is required. Don’t mind feasting on it the next day too, then alright, cook away! Did the math but oops, got that wrong? No worries, the bin already is brimming so spare it, and donate to the poor, the homeless, and the underprivileged. But what about all the food left on people’s plates? Easy way to avoid it, plate-up small portions or better still, let them help themselves to only as much as they want to eat.

Turn out the technology and get social

It’s the perfect time to warm up to people, catch up on the year and cozy up with our loved ones. So why let technology get in the way? Ditch social media and spend time for real. Shut down those gaming devices and TV sets to chat, play board games or cards like the good old days. Not too cold to go outside? Go and chill together! Its these memories that will stay with us, not the digital ones. And what better, it’ll give our planet a little time to breathe too!

Snooze time…

Warmed up with cake, wine and delicious treats, sleep can hit one hard and it really is a perfect time to cuddle into the covers and step into la-la-land. But hey, the tree is still lit, and the fairy lights are glowing! Pretty as they look, we need someone up to enjoy them. So save yourself a little bit on bills and the planet on carbon, just hit those switches before hitting the sack!

Oh those fancy gifts!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good gift? Or a few? Its always thrilling to be gifted and to gift even if it is only to see the joy on the other’s face. This holiday season, without being a scrooge, lets gift thoughtfully. Eco-friendly products like organic food and items, the less damaging soy candles, unique and upcycled décor or even something memorable out of one’s own collection can go a long way in being personal and planet-mindful.

And we all like to shower kids and our loved ones with gifts aplenty! By all means lets keep them indulged but lets also inculcate the habit of sharing and being thoughtful. The festive season is a good time to share with charities, and one way of doing so is to share gifts, which were meaningfully given to us – but we already have the same thing or may not find use for it. So don’t hoard them for later, but let someone else derive some joy!

Wrapping Up!

The fun of opening gifts is not only the suspense, but also the beautifully done packaging! To gift and wrap guilt free, a great thing to do is to use bio-degradable wrapping such as lovely brown papers with vegetable-dye printing on them, or brown papers held together by a pretty ribbon that can be re-used, a dried flower or even a pinecone. Or skip the wrapping, use eco-friendly bags instead. Most people re-use these, automatically increasing the life of gift packaging. And hey, what goes around comes around! Lets be good to our planet too! We have just one of it.

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