1. Content Length: –

There are three categories under which articles can be written:

Short Articles:  Between 250 to 500 words. The objective of these articles will be to highlight updates, important events and provide key points pertaining to the development or information on any subject. For example, if a new treaty or collaboration has been signed between the Governments of India and Russia regarding some defence productions which will impact defence sector market in India and increase business opportunity for indian vendors then a short note on when, where, and what will be the impact of this collaboration should be mentioned in the article and as endnotes, the respective article referred along with the web link needs to be provided for editorial check.

Long Article: Between 500 to 1500 words. These articles will be elaborative on the subject matter. The same requirements need to be met for editorial purposes; web links need to be provided to authenticate the data. Web links and other sources referred should be provided as endnotes.

Series Article: In case the author feels that the length of the article cannot be shortened as the subject is vast, the article should be written in a manner that it could be published as a series. For example, if an analysis of the Indian Budget is going up to 5000 words, then a series of articles shall be written. The Articles will be called, “Indian Budget Analysis – Part I”, “Indian Budget Analysis – Part II” and so on. They will be published on subsequent dates.

Note: Writers of ‘Creative’ and ‘lifestyle’ sections will get relaxation on the word limit and content as it gets difficult to stick to these word limits. 

2. Please avoid any religious, political and gender biased write ups. Opinion may be raised however, if the content in any manner harms the sentiments of any person, group or entity, it will not be published. We strive to be an ethical website, which wants to publish facts and analyse both sides or aspects of any matter being discussed.

3. Use of Simple Language: Preferably, simple language must be used in order to attract all age groups to read. If you feel a particular topic being discussed in your article is conceptually difficult, kindly insert end notes for terms or point to be explained. 

4. The purpose of the website is to provide information, hence write ups on specific topics which require research or call for solving an ambiguity or lingering doubt will be appreciated. However, ‘current affairs’ articles will be more in demand, so try to write the same.

5. Plagiarism will not be accepted, so abstain yourself from copying.  We will be using tools to check plagiarism.

6. Following checks should be done for every article before sending:

  • Grammars, spelling and punctuation,
  • Formatting,
  • The heading font size should be 14 and the matter font size should be 12 in times new roman font,
  • Provide a suitable heading for your article (please do not include misleading heading to attract audiences), Include an image (check whether it is an open source image, do not use images which have a copyright),
  • Include web links as endnotes to check from the information that has been gathered and name the source
  • No short forms should be used unless they have been referred in full at the beginning of the article (for example: Reserve Bank of India (RBI)  should be provided initially and later on the short form RBI may be used)
  • Contact detail – phone number or email id needs to be provided so that the author can be contacted for queries
  • Please provide your name and a short biography (not exceeding 50 words) at the end of the article. Pen names are acceptable, but pls. provide qualification even if you are writing a pen name. If you are using a pen name, it is necessary to provide your name and contact details for the editor to check. Please remember while writing legal, business and environment articles it is better to provide your qualification. It will increase to authenticity of the article and also attract views. For example, if I write an article on Amendment in Taxation law I will state my name and qualification at the end of the article.

Ms. S. Kapoor

Lawyer, LLM (mention college if you want to)


Ms. S. Malhotra

3rd year LLB Student, Campus Law Centre, Delhi University

Note: To provide information of the organization you are working in, as an employee you can use either of the two ways:

Ms. G. Sinha

Consultant KPMG  


Ms. G. Sinha

Financial Consultant 

  • Please name the file as follows – <Article category>_ <name of the author>_<date>. For Example – Lifestyle_Reema Suresh_ 13_Mar_2017.
  • Subject Matter of the mail should be as follows: <category>_<name of the author>_<Date>. For example, Life style_Reema Suresh_ 13_March_2017.

8. Please do sign the declaration which notifies us that the work submitted is original and provides us the right to publish your article exclusively on our website. You may share our link on other social media portal. 

9. Any person submitting creative work such as poems, paintings, photographs or art work is requested to provide a short write up regarding the thought behind such art work as well as the process of creating such work. Also, please note our creative section is open to all age groups.

9. Please have fun doing this , it’s your space and its your time to express and build your name. So please enjoy. And once your article is up, help us viral market it. We shall grow together.

Send your the article and creative work at editor@theperennialjournal.com

We shall be waiting !! Be a Perennial!