A Turning Point- How to get better at what you’re doing?

Sofiya Shahiwala

Sofiya Shahiwala

Writing Intern at Perennial Publications LLP
Sofiya Shahiwala is a young undergraduate in English who excels at multiple levels. At such a tender age she is also a tutor of english language as well as a published writer. One of our youngest interns, she has made her mark with her writing skills and work ethics.
Sofiya Shahiwala
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It is estimated that a quarter of the world’s youth suffer from a ‘quarter-life crisis’. Just like the ‘mid-life crisis’ the phenomenon is attributed to feeling demotivated and even depressed with what they’re doing in their 20’s. This trend is alarming, especially in the wake of so may deaths among youngsters due to depression. This article has a few tips to keep you motivated and running and steer you away from monotony.

Life is a series of rewrites, retakes and redos. Doing the same thing on a daily basis, going through the same process and the workload drenches out all the energy and motivation we once had in ourselves.

After that, we do our tasks just for the sake of it and to really get into it, we start finding motivation in other things like watching motivational videos, listening to songs and talking to people who stir up some determination in our lives. This enthusiasm is temporary though, it fades away with time and soon you’re back to your monotonous life. But what exactly is lacking? How can you improve it? How can you find steady motivation?

I’m going to talk about two concepts in this article. One is, The 1% infinity and the Second is The Butterfly Effect.

I came across the former concept while reading a blog and it actually means doing 1% better of what you were doing yesterday. The idea is go improve 1%, everyday, forever. Think about it, what if you worked 1% more with your heart than what you did yesterday; you were 1% kinder; you were 1% more observant? Then you’d get 1% happier than yesterday without any difficulties.

The Latter is more common and is actually a scientific concept stating, I quote, ‘Little Things Done Today Affect Major Happening Tomorrow.’ Understanding this theory in a positive perspective, what little you do today may get you great achievements tomorrow.

Both of these concepts are co-related and are talking about long-term happiness.

The first step towards it will be to stop procrastinating. Doing tomorrow is doing it never. Get something productive of today, no matter how little it may be. The key of getting a permanent drive of what you’re doing is to get self-motivated. Don’t rely on others to motivate you. They have nothing to do with your success. Start thinking about what you want and why you want it. Treat yourself and motivate yourself for good. And trust me, That’s going to be the best motivation you’ll get from anyone alive.

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