7 Toxic Behaviours We Need to Get Rid Of!

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Roshni is a creative writer who enjoys reading between the lines and writing about it. Her works are a reflection of her thought that 'Human Behavior is most absurd, yet interesting.'
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As we go through life there is much we accumulate: good memories, bagsful of experiences, emotions and wisdom. These shape who we are and how we behave, and sometimes, some elements of us become toxic. Lets pause, reflect and shed all that holds us down!

Each of us holds immense power, which we may not be even aware of. But, instead of making our own sunshine, we create our own storms and blame the stars!

Here are seven toxic habits we need to let go off immediately:

Envy: Let’s start counting our own blessings and not somebody else’s or we are going to lose all of ours.

Taking things personally: What others say to you or about you speaks volumes about who they are! Don’t think the world is out there to attack you. Most of them don’t even care.

Not letting go: Stop holding on to loss. It’s often us who go knocking on the door of the past and not the other way round. It’s worth the effort to let go.

Judging everyone in sight: Remember how sometimes you choose to show a side of you that is very different from what you are in real. That’s the same case with others. If you can’t help someone, don’t ridicule or sympathize. Empathizing is something we need to learn.

Cutting moral corners: Cutting corners is very convenient, when it comes to morality. Cheating is always a choice, not a compulsion.

Chasing perfection: What is perfection? The interesting thing is no one has defined perfection, but that’s what we keep chasing! Let’s be realistic and accept that there is no end to ambition or greed.

Validation: Let’s stop seeing ourselves from the eyes of the masses and believe in our worth. We know ourselves best.

If any of these behaviours sound familiar, it’s normal. The first and most important step is awareness. If we can’t introspect, how can we expect others to change? Yes, so let’s be a work in progress—the moment we feel we are perfect, the urge to learn will bid farewell and we don’t want that, do we?

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