Perils of a Migrant Worker

Aastha Tandon
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Aastha Tandon

Founder/ Designated Partner at Perennial Publication LLP & Consultant at Aceaero Consultants LLP
Aastha Tandon is a Legal Consultant and Entrepreneur apart from being a poet whose literary expression is found in her book 'A Maiden Attempt'. A lawyer by day and poet at heart she loves to read and write. Her work captures human emotions and weaves a fictional world around the user.
Aastha Tandon
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This poem discusses the emotions of a Migrant Worker who move away from their homes located in rural places to urban cities in search of work and to earn a living to support their family. It addresses a plea of  such workers to seek basic human rights and a life of dignity for themselves with basic standard of living.

In search of livelihood I walk away,

Away from those who care and stay,

Stay in my heart as the ones I love,

Yet every city offers me less money & a life which is tough,

My perils are unheard, my silent cry less spoken of…

In the name of dignity I lay every night in dust,

Beholding my faith in some justice from the gods,

I seek my humane rights to be saved from lust,

Lust for a life away from unequal treatment and crime,

Hating the privileged who have it all and yet are not satisfied,

Oh! Its time now that I am treated as humane as it should be,

Will my perils be ever heard & acted upon as it should be?

I await my rights, silently as I have tried to raise my concerns,

But none could ever hear me as my soul seeking dignity burns!

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