The Ghost of Neil Damiens

Dive into this short story traversing centuries and brimming with character, written by a child author to give us a slight peek into the world bygone. Many years ago, there lived a rich man called Neil Damiens. He lived in the Damiens’ bungalow on Heather street with his wife and two children and was the

Fatality of Trust

  Explore the frailty and mortality of trust, and its delicate hold on our emotions through this thought-provoking poem. Human emotion, Is a world of commotion, it searches for security, & protects the heart with priority. No matter the relation, The question remains certain, Are you worthy to hold,   The delicate thread of ‘trust’,

Let Go! (Poem)

Holding onto anything too tightly is never a good thing, so why do we harbour the ill others bestow? The young poet beautifully expresses this through her heart touching poem. There is anguish and anger in my eyes; Tears roll down my cheek. I spread my wings to soar high, But soon my wings are