“I have written this Act with all my heart and I hope it will touch many hearts.” – Prankur Chaturvedi on his directorial debut, “Aalam Dost” “What happens when a person starts hating light? When a person starts distancing people? When even air scares him? More than what, the question is why?” These words form
E-way Bill is a new apparatus of the GST regime, which is compulsory for inter-state and intra-state movement of goods (in most states). With the focus on digitization and curbing tax evasion during transport of goods, it was implemented in India, from 1st April 2018. This piece presents all the key aspects about this system
The E-Way Bill was launched on 1st April, 2018 to regulate the inter-state and intra-state transportation of goods under the GST regime. Now, a month after its implementation we take a look at how this new apparatus fares in action; it’s advantages, lacunas and how it can be improved. This is Part-2 of a two
Cutting through the clutter of start-ups and brands can be hard. Targeting your audience to tap into the right market segment is vital, especially in the digital age and with the youth seeking more control over their products. This piece covers how to understand your brand’s ‘cool’ quotient and strategise around it. 
Part IV of the Series Article on GDPR discusses in general where India and the United States of America are placed in the data privacy sector and the legislative strength of the laws prevailing in these countries. It also elaborates on what could be the impact of GDPR.   Part IV Conclusion on GDPR When the
Part III of this Series article discusses the obligations of Data Controllers and Data Processors or Business entities that are storing, processing or using personal data of individuals or data subjects  Part III Steps to be taken by organization (processing and/or controlling data) to be compliant with GDPR Which organisations are required to comply with GDPR?

If I Could Tell You

A mother’s love is beyond compare and this poem is an ode to mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, friends and teachers who take care and love us like a mother. Happy Mother’s Day!! If I Could Tell You If I could tell you How much you mean to me You may have not left me So
Part II of this Series Article focuses on the rights provided to Data Subjects or Individuals whose data is being collected and processed. (Click here to view Part I of this Series Article)  Part II  GDPR Empowering Individuals What are the rights of an Individual or a data subject? GDPR is aimed at empowering the right of
GDPR is a new data protection regulation which will be implemented from the 25th of May 2018. Part I of this series article explains what is GDPR and why it is needed. Part I:  Introduction to GDPR We are divided by State boundaries, yet united by purpose or impact. It is difficult now to treat
Further to Part-1 of this series, this second part seeks to identify the journey and progress that #Metoo has taken. This series has been written by a Perennials intern and has been edited by Perennials’ editors who also gave their support in providing inputs and guidelines. #Metoo, which started as a social media campaign, as
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Sexual violence against women in the form of rape has become regular news (including some gruesome incidences of child-rape that have been reported). Keeping in mind the recently reported cases at Unnao, Kathua and Indore, the President has enacted the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2018. This article discusses the issues and challenges faced by women and the
As children, creativity abounds within all. That’s marred by so many factors as we blossom into adults. Unleashing our fears and just getting down to picking up our passions where we left off is not oft deemed easy, and so while this piece speaks of writing, one may consider it applicable to all those other